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Le Ninja Fitness

Welcome to Le Ninja Fitness. A backyard ninja program designed to help kids build confidence and health while having a ton of fun!

Reach for the Sky

With Le Ninja Fitness weekly sessions you can reach your true potential.  We have weekly group and private sessions available to fit your schedule and help you reach your goals.

"Never let the world tell you no. There is always a way to say YES!"

-Le Ninja Warrior

Ninja Training Obstacles

Our backyard gym has a variety of obstacles designed to build your ninja skills and keep you moving. We are constantly adding new obstacles and reworking the setup to keep your training circuit interesting and challenging. We also have a variety of training exercises designed specifically for kids to quickly build confidence and maximize the fun while helping them push their potential past what they ever thought they could do.


Moving Up

Warped Wall, Rope Climb, Salmon Ladder


Moving Over

Flying Bars, Ring Toss, Cliff Hanger, Lache

Can't Stop Moving

Monkey Bars, In Ground Trampoline, Ground Courses

Le Ninja Warrior

Benoit Roure, known online as Le Ninja Warrior founded Le Ninja Fitness as a way to help his son diagnosed with Dandy Walker to become strong and realize his true potential.  “It’s helped keep his mind focused, and his body strong, and it can do the same for you.” -Le Ninja Warrior

Classes & Pricing

See calendar for upcoming dates.

When registering for a class be sure to complete and submit the required online waiver too!

Participant Waiver

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